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10 moments in life worth capturing

Life is a combination of moments. All humans want to make these moments happy so that they can have a fulfilling life. It is these little instants that life is all about. This is why preserving memories are important. Don’t let a huge part of your life just fly away in seconds. Instead, make these happy days eternal so that you can look back and enjoy even what has gone by!

Weddings and Anniversaries

Weddings are ultimately the biggest day of the couple’s life. Anniversaries are a reminder of this beautiful day. Without a doubt, this will be the day when you’ll have the biggest smile on your face. Celebrate the peak of your love every day by looking at your wedding or anniversary pictures. The best way to do that has one on display.

Bill and Kim on the happiest day of their life!

Now engraved forever:


Birthdays come every year and yet, they’re always exciting. Don’t let your young days disappear in the blink of an eye! Save them in forms of pictures/videos/stories etc.


Prom night

In your teenage days, your prom night will be a memorable moment. It will be your step into adulthood as well as one last night with all your high school crushes. This will be the night full of stories to tell your grandchildren!


The end of your educational cycle is marked by your graduation. It is a moment of pride as well as a huge achievement. Your parents and family will have their heads high with pride in this milestone of your life. Make sure to capture it and always have a reminder of this day.

The first day of school

Start of school is a whole new life. That innocent smile that’s hiding nervousness is worth preserving forever. The emotions you feel on this day are priceless because it is a once in a lifetime experience, for both the child and the parents.

Family costume day

Family photos are a must. But, what is even better is a fun family photo. Dress up your kids and yourself into cute outfits. Take a happy picture that will serve as an accessory to reminiscing a fun Halloween. Every member of your family will eventually lead to a different path. Before this happens, preserve the fun times you spend together.


The journey to birth isn’t easy. Yet, it is one of the most beautiful experiences. The magical glow of bringing a new life in this world is an unmatchable experience.

Baby’s first steps

As parents, a child’s first steps are one of the most prominent events in life. Your baby is literally taking steps toward independence. The growth of your little one will always be among your happy memories. Take at least one photo of this beautiful memory.

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