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20 Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas in 2023

The 50th birthday is the most remarkable day for any person. Because it marks a remarkable half-century on earth, it requires a special gift to commemorate it. Additionally, if you are looking for birthday gift ideas at the very last minute that significantly makes everything even more difficult.

But, don’t worry. We have you covered with several sentimental 50th birthday gift ideas that will inspire you to become more creative and make the birthday person’s day special. 

1: 3D Crystal Portrait

The 50th birthday calls for thoughtful and delicate gifts. With the 3D Crystal Portrait you can pick a picture of you and the birthday person and engrave it. It is a subtle and sophisticated gift that will never go out of style because crystals are timeless. Moreover, the picture the two of you makes the entire idea more personal and creative.

3d crystal portrait gift

2: Memorable Photo Album

If the person that celebrates their 50th birthday is your mom or dad, or other close members of the family, the day is all about great memories you’ve had over the years. Therefore, it’s not about picking the most expensive gift for them but creating the perfect present by selecting pictures to commemorate the best moments. Compile all of the pictures in a photo album, write a meaningful message, and you’ll have one of the best 50 year birthday gifts! 

3: Sign Them Up for a Class

Reaching the 50th birthday may seem like the time for learning new things is over, but it’s never too late. Since many 50-year-olds can be skeptical or feel awkward to sign up for class, learn a new language, or try a sport they passionately follow, you can give them the push they need. Sign them up for something you know they always wanted to try, and they won’t have an excuse not to go.

4: Crystal Necklaces

Necklaces are great birthday gift ideas for her 50th as they are timeless. However, instead of getting a super expensive golden necklace that you may see on someone else, you should check out crystal necklaces. These necklaces are stunning, classy, and can be personalized with a photo or writing to make it unique. That way you will mark the birthday as it deserves and gift them something that will last a lifetime.

5: The Knitting Basket

OK, this is a bold idea and recommended only for those ladies that don’t feel bad when someone points out to them that they’re old. The knitting basket is one of the best birthday gift ideas for her 50th, especially if she is into it. It’s a thoughtful gift and a very relaxing hobby, even for those that have yet to try it. 

6: The Golf Kit

The golf kit is one of the best gift ideas for men. Most men at that age love golf, and if the birthday person fits in that category, we highly recommended it. There are many stores that offer personalization so you can put the date or their initials to make it unique. 

7: Fitness Wellness Program Yearly Subscription

Healthy body, healthy mind! The fitness wellness yearly subscription is a great gift for your loved ones once they turn 50 years. Keeping a good shape is vital and essential for their health which is what makes this gift the perfect 50th birthday present gift.

8: A Book Club Membership

If your birthday person is a bookworm, then one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas is to find a book club and sign them up. Not only will the book club keep them busy, yet still, but they will meet a lot of new friends with whom they share the same interests.

9: Plan a Trip to Remember

This birthday gift idea is reserved as one of the most memorable 50-year birthday gifts you can offer to a person turning 50 years. If the birthday person has a particular city or country they wish to visit, you can plan a trip and buy them the tickets. They will surely never forget it.

10: A Book Set

Another great gift for book lovers is a book set. You can go with classics, a collection of their favorite author, or a set they haven’t read yet. There are plenty of options depending on their preference and favorite genre. Additionally, you can even make them a custom book set with different books, authors, and genres. If they love to read, they’ll love this gift for sure! 

11: Basket of Reasons You Love Them

For this idea, you need to write down the reasons you love the person celebrating the birthday. You can use small sticky notes, and you will need small cookies or chocolates where you can attach the sticky notes. Put them in a cute basket with a few balloons, and surprise your loved one. It’s a handmade gift, but one that is sentimental and priceless. 

12: Personalized Watch

If you want to stick to the classic gifts, then you can go for an expensive watch where you can engrave their initials or the date on the leather straps. After all a 50th birthday is the right occasion for a present like this.

13: Kindle

If the person celebrating the 50th birthday is a bookworm that simply cannot get enough of reading books, but their library is too large already, then the better idea is to buy them a Kindle. They can download their favorite books to an online library that can hold endless books. Additionally, you can  buy them some books you know they’d love to get their library started.

14: Puzzle of Your Photo

You may not know this, but you can actually print a puzzle with your photo. To make it more impactful and mark the 50th birthday, you should pick your favorite photo, write down a cute birthday message and insert it into the photo. They’ll have a lot of fun trying to piece it together and can later frame the finished puzzle.

15: Heart Crystal Digital Art

Among the many gifts for 50 year olds, if you want to show the person celebrating that you will always carry them in your heart, you can get a heart crystal. Instead of a traditional photo in a frame, you can engrave your favorite photo in a heart-shaped crystal. It’s classy, timeless, and it’s unique.  

16: A Kitchen Set

If the person celebrating this birthday loves spending time in the kitchen, then you can get a special kitchen set and engrave the date or initials. From cutlery to meat knives you can find many stores that offer to engrave such utensils. You can also customize the kitchen set to include the things they regularly use, or need in their kitchen. 

17: Fishing Set

Most men after turning 50 years prefer to relax or spend time in nature fishing. If your loved one also loves fishing, you can go to the local store and buy them a rod, and a tackle box. They will be more than happy to receive such a gift.

18: A Spa Day They Deserve

If there is one thing all 50-year-olds deserve on their birthday is a spa day full of relaxation and massages. It can be overwhelming to deal with this birthday, so to start the birthday right, arrange a massage and spa day for your loved one.

19: Poker Set

If you know your loved one loves playing poker or simply is into the game but never had the chance to learn it, maybe you should get them a set so they will have to learn it. After all, the second half of our lives is reserved for fun.

20: A Creative Painting

This gift is on the pricy side, but one of the most amazing 50th birthday presents. You need to find a good artist and send them a picture of your loved one to paint you a portrait. Art is much appreciated because it is timeless and it’s a great way to eternalize such an important milestone.

50th Birthday Presents Ideas: Final Say

Finding the perfect gift to mark the half-century milestone is no easy feat. We hope you found our list of 50th birthday gift ideas helpful and inspiring. Remember that this birthday should be celebrated in the spirit of love and appreciation, so when picking your gift try to make it more sentimental.

We wish you happy shopping and happy birthday to your loved one!

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