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30 Best Gifts for Neighbors in 2023

Neighbors are an important part of our social life, especially when you’ve known each other for a while. They are usually the first ones you turn to when you need help, or have fun with at a barbecue. 

Regardless of the occasion, choosing the perfect gift for neighbors can be difficult because you want to leave the right impression. Fortunately for you, in this article, we collected 30 gift ideas for neighbors.

Therefore, if they are moving away, just moved in, or you need a gift for for a special occassion, keep reading the article to find the right gift ideas for helpful neighbors. 

1: 3D Crystal Portrait

If your neighbor is moving away, you cannot go wrong with a 3D crystal portrait of you and them engraved in a high-quality crystal. It is a sentimental gift that captures the end of an era filled with many amazing memories that will last a lifetime.  

3d crystal portrait gift

2: Plant

A plant is an excellent “welcome-to-the-neighborhood” gift for neighbors who just moved in. Also, this gift is versatile, so you can use it for just about any occasion.

3: Personalized 3D Crystal Keychain

This gift is suitable as a first-time gift. If you have a next-door neighbor that just moved in, you can get them a 3D Crystal Keychain with a cute message like “welcome to the hood”. This always makes them feel accepted and start your relationship on very good terms.

3d keychains

4: High-quality Tea Set

We saved this idea for your dearest neighbor. Not only is this gift cute and authentic, but it also sends a message to your neighbor. It means they are the chosen neighbors you love to “spill the tea” with. You can also buy organic tea and a stylish infuser to complete this gift.

5: Garden Kit

This one is perfect for senior neighbors who just retired or anyone who has a green thumb. We all have some seniors in the neighborhood who always supported us unconditionally. If they are retired and love to work around the garden, you can never go wrong with a garden kit. If they have never gardened, you just might inspire them to start, and if they already are, they’ll surely find it super practical.

6: Candles

Candles are universal gifts. You can find them in different shapes, sizes, prices, and aromas. If you are close to your neighbors, try to choose an aroma they will like. If not, you can never go wrong with lavender, as it has calming and relaxing effect. 

7: Crystal Wine Stoppers

Personalized 2D/3D crystal wine stoppers are thoughtful, and aesthetic at the same time. You can write a message or find a goofy photo of you and your neighbors to engrave on the stopper. If you have a tipsy photo, that would make this gift extra thoughtful and creative.

8: Mittens

Another cute idea you can get as-is or personalize is kitchen mittens. This is a practical, yet thoughtful gift you can get for a super affordable price. It’s an excellent gift idea, especially if your neighbors are foodies.

9: Cheese Boards

This gift is super practical nowadays because we all need a cheeseboard to serve fancy snacks for friends and family. You can get this gift for your bestie neighbor, or the one you just met. You cannot go wrong.

10: Marble Wine Cooler

If your neighbor has a modern kitchen and dining room, a simple kitchen accessory like a marble wine cooler is an excellent gift. It’s sophisticated, posh, and practical.

11: Mini Olive Oil Set

The mini olive oil set is suitable for all occasions even as a holiday gift for neighbors. Everyone appreciates a tasty olive oil set, and with the mini one, your neighbors can test them all and pick their favorite.

12: Spice Sets

If your neighbor is a fan of spicy chilly sauce or powders, why not get them an entire spice set they can use to season their meals? There are many sets you can find in markets, from mini to maxi.

13: Healthy Recipes Book

A kitchen is only complete when it has a little recipe book. We all need a cooking inspiration once in a while, especially when trying to eat healthy, so a recipe book can be a great gift for your health-conscious neighbor. 

14: Cute Napkins

The cute/modern napkins gift is for all neighbors who love throwing fancy dinners. If your neighbor falls into this category, they will find this gift practical and a great addition to their collection.

15: Board Game

How can one go wrong with the good old Monopoly or Uno? Perhaps even a strategy or a co-op that you can play together. It’s a perfect gift for cozy summer nights.

16: Crystal Ornament Set

The crystal ornament set is our favorite holiday gift for neighbors, especially the ones you have great memories with. You can personalize the crystals with photos of you or heartfelt holiday messages. It will look stunning and will be a reminder of the good times you’ve spent together. After all, that’s what Christmas parties are for.

Crystal ornaments set

17: Yearly Planner

Another good holiday gift for neighbors is the yearly planner. It will help them put their ideas into plans, better manage their time and improve their focus.

18: Vinyl Record

This one is for your retro neighbor who appreciates music from good old vinyl records. You have numerous shops with vinyl records or you can order online for super affordable prices. This can be the ultimate birthday or holiday gift for neighbors with good taste in music.

19: Cocktail Glasses

Regardless if your neighbor is a fan of cocktails or not, every house needs fancy cocktail glasses, and one can never have too many. You can go for a classy glass or something extra, the choice is yours.

20: We’re Not Really Strangers

This card game and a bottle of wine can really enhance your bond with your neighbors. It’s fun and cute, the perfect holiday gift for neighbors you’re close to.

21: Best Movie List

If you are close with your neighbor, and they are film buffs, the best thing you can ever give them is a personalized movie list with all your suggestions and reviews. You can DIY this gift based on their preference, or look online for movie lists, but you can never go wrong. Add in a hot chocolate mix or popcorn, and your movie night gift is ready! 

22: Essential Oil Set and Sticks

Relaxing is something we all want and often all we need. Therefore, if you need a good gift idea for a neighbor you don’t know really, but have to get them a gift, you can never go wrong with the aroma therapy essential oil sets. There are mini versions you can get for more affordable prices and neater packaging.

23: Portable Cooler

Those living near a beach find this gift super practical. If you want to buy something useful for your neighbor, a good cooler to store the essentials when going to the beach is a great idea.

24: Best Neighbor Apron

If you have a neighbor that is into cooking, you can get them an apron with a cute saying like “best chef in the alley”. They will surely appreciate it and put it to good use. 

25: Coffee Flavors Set

This recommendation is for your coffee-aficionado type of neighbor. You can find sets with coffee packages with multiple flavors. Pair it with a catchy coffee cup and you have the perfect gift for a coffee lover.

26: Music Box

The music box is often associated with Christmas, but you can gift it on any occasion. Nowadays, you have almost every popular tune in the music box version. All you have to do is pick one, and write a cute note.

27: Homemade Honey

Homemade honey is one of the best gift ideas for your helpful neighbor for several reasons. Firstly, this is the healthiest option, and secondly, high-quality homemade honey is very rare. Unless your neighbor is allergic to it, this is one of the sweetest gifts.

28: Personalized Towel Sets

The “Welcome Neighbor” towel is a very practical gift for any newcomers in your neighborhood. If you have a new neighbor, and you want to start the relationship well, then get a personalized towel set for their kitchen or bathroom.

29: A Tool Kit

Another perfect gift for a neighbor that just moved in is the tool kit. In most situations, the people who just move in miss some essential tools. Therefore, if you want a good welcome gift, this would be the best one.

30: A Pack of Beer & Beer Mug

There is nothing better than a cold beer served in a chilled beer mug after a long day. If your neighbor is a beer type of person, this would be the best and perfect gift for them. Also, if your neighbors don’t want mugs, you can get them other types of beer glasses, with the appropriate type of beer for it. 

Have You Picked Your Gift Yet?

Giving small but meaningful gifts always boosts the relationship with your neighbors. Don’t wait for the holiday season to come so you can get them something. Pick one from our list and surprise them today, because neighbors are the people always next to us - in good and bad.

We hope you found our gift ideas for neighbors in 2023 helpful, and that you made up your mind. Happy shopping!

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