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15 Interesting Gift Ideas for an Aries Man

Chances are, if you have an Aries man in your life, you’re often left scratching your head, pondering the best gift to get him. Aries can grow bored easily, and a lackluster gift choice can further kill his enthusiasm. These men are ruled by Mars, playful, impulsive, and imaginative.

But don’t let his macho and high-tempered nature fool you - Aries are good men, and they deserve all your love and adoration.

Choosing an exciting and inspiring gift for the creative Aries in your life is not as difficult as you first think. We’re here to help with 15 fun ideas sure to sweep him off his feet.

1. 3D Crystal Portrait 

Aries are sentimental to a fault. They probably keep a picture of you and the most important loved ones close by. So, what better than to get him a gorgeous portrait crystal with a photo of you or your family displayed? That way, he can show off the special people in his life in the best light possible.


2. A Manicure Gift Certificate

Your man loves new projects and sports. The garage or man cave is his playground, and he enjoys making something beautiful with his hands. But how often does he take time out of his day to care for those strong hands? 

Although he’s a manly man, he may be up for trying new things. So, treat him to a therapeutic manicure. Make the appointment for two, and spend some quality time together getting pampered!

3. An Adrenaline Rush

An Aries man loves a good thrill. Has he tried rock climbing or bungee jumping? Take him to a racing track, go zip lining, or ride a thrill-inducing roller coaster.

Do you want to join him, but you’re not feeling as brave as he is? Maybe try an escape room. It will be a fun opportunity to bond and get your hearts racing faster.

4. A Yoga or Meditation Class

Your Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War. And if he’s anything like your typical Aries man, he has a quick temper and is impulsive. What you can do is turn his attention inwards and calm his racing thoughts in a moment of anger. 

Aries need dynamic practice, so stay away from yin yoga or restorative yoga. Your best bet is Ashtanga. This will keep them moving while still encouraging them to slow down. 


5. Personalized Crystal Ornament

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but who says men don’t love their bling, too? So, why not give him a personalized crystal ornament with a photo in it? If he’s a family man, you can choose a picture with his little darlings. You can even have it engraved for greater significance. 

An elegant and personalized gift will be one that will endure, and he’ll surely keep it on his desk or bedside.


6. Pickleball Set 

Has he tried pickleball yet? Aries are highly competitive. Trying a new sport is another chance to get his blood racing. He’s a fire element, and his nature to challenge a competitor is strong. 

Choose a pickleball set for the backyard and maybe sign him up for some lessons. Soon, you’ll all be enjoying a new family activity in your home!


7. A Surprise Romantic Getaway

Impulsivity rules the Aries heart. So, why not join them on an impromptu adventure? 

Be creative. Maybe the perfect getaway for him is a fishing or camping excursion. Maybe it’s a bed and breakfast in the country.  

Have his bags packed and pick him up from work. If you forgot his toothbrush - don’t worry! Aries are free and flexible. You can pick one up on the way.

8. Detail His Car

We know the Aries man loves speed and most likely adores his car. But who amongst us has the time to scrub and polish their car? Thankfully, you can always sneak his car off to a professional detailer to have the interior and exterior cleaned pristine. Even better if he’s been meaning to repair a pesky bump for a while! 

This gearhead will love having his car pampered. His car glistening inside and out is guaranteed to bring a smile to his face and make him feel adored. 

9. Woodworking Tools

Whether he’s tried woodworking in the past or not, this is an activity your man is sure to enjoy. 

Get him new tools to add to his collection or a starter set. If it’s a new activity for him, consider signing him up for a course to get him started with the basics. Once he sets eyes on those tools, he’ll be imagining a sweetheart porch swing or lovely bureau!


10. Manly Grooming Set Complete with Clippers and Accessories

Help your man care better for his facial hair by investing in a high- tech grooming set for your Aries. He’ll be sculpting and shaping away at that beard or sideburn in style!

Men need many accessories as well to style their facial hair. These sets can come with several attachments for every length of facial hair and sideburn. We bet you’ll enjoy the results of a brand-new grooming set!

11. Archery Class

Do you see his eyes light up at the Hunger Games? Are his favorite video games Assassins Creed and Tomb Raider? He’ll be excited at the opportunity to play out his own real-life archery fantasies. 

If you really want to treat him, maybe invest in his own archery accessories so he can practice at home as well. Designate a spot in the yard for his new hobby and plan some time to do it together.

12. Bedding Set or Bedroom Makeover

For a tough guy like your Aries, you should choose his favorite colors and revamp your bedroom for a more manly look. Opt for strong lines or geometric shapes and shun the florals. Add in some warm accents of special family photos. Little masculine touches in your shared space can tell him how much he really means to you.

13. A Relaxing Massage 

There’s no need to leave the house or hire a professional to soothe those tired muscles.                     

Has your Aries been working hard, putting blood, sweat, and tears in at the gym, or enjoying some sports? He might be in need of some TLC. 

Buy some massage oils such as sandalwood or pine that will appeal to his senses, and knead those aches away. There are plenty of online tutorials to introduce you to the basics. He’ll appreciate the effort and dedication!

14. A European Carryall

Jerry Seinfeld introduced us to the concept of a ‘man purse’ or ‘European carryall’ in the ‘90s. Today, you can frequently see men sporting a satchel or side bag. But these options for carryalls are varied, masculine and elegant. 

Don’t leave your man shoving his keys and wallet into his pockets - a carryall offers convenience and style. You can find models in rustic leather materials that offer plenty of space and organization for his cell phone, keys, wallet, and other daily accessories. 

15. A Collection of Men’s Skincare Products

The Aries man has been working hard, participating in sports activities, and tinkering in the garage. He needs soothing care for his face and skin. 

There are many products on the market geared specifically toward men. They offer more masculine scents and carry special properties for the man’s face and beard area. Include some hand cream for him as well so he can keep those hands soft and callus-free!

Final Word    

An Aries man is easy to please if you have the right idea in mind. 

He loves his partner and his family. He enjoys adventure and an adrenaline rush. He’s playful, free and creative. He also wants to be impressed, so putting extra time and effort into the perfect gift is sure to go noticed. 

Choose a gift that touches his sentimental side. Be thoughtful and considerate of the things he cares about the most.

Whether choosing a gift for a special holiday, birthday or anniversary, these gifts are guaranteed to thrill and excite the Aries man in your life. Your generosity of spirit will cement you as his best friend in life. An Aries man loves to share his experiences with you, so these gifts are bound to bring you closer together as well!

Have fun and watch that look of glee across his face!

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