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How to Make the Perfect Crystal

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give your loved one? Are you looking for something unique and personal that would make the gift even more special? 3D Crystal would be a perfect gift for any occasion. You can fully customize the 3D crystal by adding messages to the photo.

Converting a standard 2D photo into a 3D design

We use a specialized computer software program to convert your standard 2D photo into a three-dimensional design. Once you send us a photo, we will convert it into a high-resolution, ready-to-laser file using our specialized software. The contrast and brightness in the photo will be optimized in order to get the best results in the crystal.

The original 2D photo lacks spatial information so only an expert or experienced graphic designer can do this perfectly. You can trust us in converting your standard photos into 3D because we have a team of expert graphic designers who are highly trained, well experienced, and well-versed with the latest and most advanced state-of-the-art computer technologies that allow conversion of two-dimensional photos into three-dimensional models.

We can convert almost all kinds of objects easily which includes images of people, animals, landscapes, objects, buildings, and a whole lot more. We provide excellent quality 3D designs that you can hardly tell that they were just converted from a 2D image.

Etching into the crystal glass

 After converting the 2D photo into a 3D design, the 3D image is then etched into an optically clear solid crystal glass using a high-quality green laser. The green light laser is a leading technology that produces the highest quality in laser etching reproduction. We use a ground-breaking subsurface marking green-laser machine in performing this process. The computer controls a laser beam that penetrates through the transparent surface of the crystal glass and makes so many micro-cracks or dots by focusing the concentrated energy in a definite point inside the crystal glass. These small dots when put together produce or form the desired 3D image.

We make photo crystals by using a laser that uses concentrated beams of light to a defined point below the surface of the crystal. Each of the bright points in the image is plotted in the crystal glass. The green laser focuses a high-powered beam on each 3D coordinate. The powerful laser pulse makes a tiny inclusion or hole inside the crystal once the high-powered beam reaches the focal point. The laser moves to the next coordinate and makes another etched point. Once there are enough etched points created, the 3D design can be reproduced deep within the crystal glass. Laser beams are non-invasive that’s why there are no blemishes or marks left on the surface of the crystal. When you look at the 3D image at any angle, you can view it just like a 3D sculpture.

Photo instructions

It’s important to give us a good quality photo. When we say good quality photos, it means that the photo has good lighting, is in a high resolution, not blurry, and well illuminated. The photo can have 1 or more people but remember that if you are ordering a smaller crystal, it would be better to have fewer people in the photo. You can send the photo in .jpg, .png, or .bmp format.

You can add captions or texts to the image and the image can also be altered and resized based on your preferences.


 An engraved photo crystal image is a timeless piece of art which is a great keepsake because unlike traditional 2D photos, a photo crystal image doesn’t fade or even change color. The only way to maintain it is by cleaning or removing off fingerprints and dust. You can use a microfiber cloth to clean the crystal.

In order to get high-quality results, we use Vitography. This is the process in which the photo is transferred into a high-quality optical crystal using laser technology. The process could take approximately 10 to 20 minutes depending on your desired size.

Crystal shapes and sizes

We offer various shapes and sizes of crystals. We have our standard crystal shapes such as landscape, crystal portraits, ornaments (heart, house, or circle shaped), rectangle, and flight. We also have unique shapes such as heart, diamond, prestige, arc, etc.. Aside from the standard crystal shapes that we have, you can also order crystal images as bottle stoppers, keychains, or light bases.

As for the sizes, we have the standard small, medium, and large sizes. Some shapes have larger sizes though such as XL, 2XL, 3XL, and max.

 The perfect gift

We at The 3D Gift, aim for perfection in recreating your lovely photo and turning it into a 3D image etched into the crystal. This makes for a perfect gift because it brings good memories into life and it will definitely make the person you are giving the gift to feel special. We use the finest crystals available.

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