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15 Best National Boyfriend Day Gift Ideas

The 3rd of October is the time when your boyfriend deserves extra attention and appreciation. Although it goes without saying that showing affection and love to your partner should be on a daily basis instead of a single day in a year, it’s still romantic and cute to take this day and make them feel extra special.

Preparation for this day includes you rolling your sleeves and cooking their favorite meal, a bottle of wine, candles, and a cute gift. The gift part is often the most difficult because everyone prefers something special over a disposable product but cannot think of any cute idea. That’s why we’re here.

This article contains 15 cute national boyfriend day gift ideas that will make them feel loved. Keep on reading to find the one that would be perfect for your boyfriend!

3D Photo Heart Crystal

The heart crystal with an engraved spontaneous photo of you two is more than enough for many reasons. Firstly, it is artistic and can be interpreted in many romantic ways: love so pure and transparent is the one that survives the test of time, a moment forever captured in your heart, and the list goes on. 

Secondly, these heart-shaped crystal photos are made of high-quality materials that look minimalistic and complement every setting you put them in. It’s practically a gift that can fit any room!

crystal heart photo

Compile a Playlist

To prepare this gift, you don’t need a lot of money, only a bit of creativity. You can put the songs that make both of you dance, or you can find songs that describe the reasons why you love your partner and what makes them so special to you. Either way, you won’t make a mistake with this gift idea – they will love this idea. Music makes everything better.

The Keychain Crystal

Getting your boyfriend a personalized crystal keychain is a great way to show you love them. They can use it on their keys from home or their car keys.

Pick a photo of you and engrave it, or you can go with a thoughtful message like “Please drive consciously. I love you.” You can choose anything that will always remind them that they have someone that cares about them.

crystal keychain photo

Tools for Their Hobby

If your boyfriend has an artistic feature that they don’t put too much effort into, then go out and buy the required tools – show them that you support them and love that they’re cultivating a hobby. 

This could mean a journal to keep writing down creative ideas, a canvas to explore the possibilities of a brush, or any other tool or prop they need to become more aware of their skills. What makes this idea one of the best gifts for national boyfriend day is that you show how much you appreciate their skills. 

The Movie Calendar

Similar to the playlist idea, you can compile a calendar with movie recommendations for the upcoming month. You can experiment with the genres and include some of the classics that will definitely leave a good impression on them, or go for romantic movies that share a similar love story as yours. The choice is yours!

The Personalized Nightlight

This gift idea is recommended for all boyfriends who read before going to sleep or the ones that simply appreciate dim light. These nightlights are compact and practical, and the best part about them is that you can personalize them. 

You can get more creative and engrave something special. It can be a photo of you two, or it can be a nice message you want to share. The options are open, but it’s best to go with something that reminds him of a moment that makes him happy.

Book Collection He Loves

Everyone has a favorite author and a story they go crazy about. Therefore, if you know that your boyfriend loves a particular author, why not go to a bookstore, and buy him the entire collection? This gift shows that you actually cared about their interest and you support them. 

A Trophy for The Best Boyfriend in the World

A trophy is a fun way to show your boyfriend that he is number one in your life. You can opt for a crystal trophy that goes well with any setting and looks good on a shelf. All you have to do to complete this idea is find a cute message to write down for the title they deserve.

Don’t be afraid to become goofy with this gift because the trophy itself allows you to be more creative and mischievous. You have different sizes and shapes for a trophy, so you can pick the one that suits your idea best.

His Childhood in a Lego Box

All of us have a favorite cartoon character or game that we love and carry into adulthood, even if we never show it. But, over a conversation, our inner child's ambitions and heroes manage to pop up. 

If you know or have noticed your boyfriend’s favorite childhood character, you can go to the local lego store and find it. Nowadays, lego characters come in various shapes and sizes. 

You can choose a simple one-character box, but choosing legos with more characters is better because it will allow them to recreate a whole scene of their favorite movie or show. Plus, this gift is a great way to decorate a library or working desk.

Joystick or PS Games

This is a risky gift because boys tend to cave in their bedroom and play games with or without their friends, online or in person, for hours or sometimes the entire night. However, if your boyfriend is a passionate gamer and you truly care about them, then letting them have this freedom to play every once in a while is a must. 

Show them that you care by getting them their favorite game or another joystick so that you can join the club of gamers for a day. Even if you’re not a gamer yourself, it would mean so much to them if you sit down and play a round or two together.


If your boyfriend prefers sustainability or appreciates ebooks over actual books, then the ideal gift for him would be the Kindle. He could buy loads of books without overstuffing his library and download other books for free – a dream come true for any book lover. 

Plus, it is practical for traveling, and instead of choosing what books to bring on vacation, he could simply bring them all! One download before the vacation, and they have the whole library in their pocket. Surprise your boyfriend by ordering a Kindle online or getting it from a physical store near you.

Camping Set

Is your boyfriend an adventurer or a daredevil? If the answer is yes, then get him a camping set for National Boyfriends Day. And if you like going on similar adventures, then even better. He will definitely find this gift practical and useful, and more importantly, he will start planning another dating adventure that both of you can enjoy. 

There are many cool camping sets you can find in stores or order online. However, keep in mind that this gift might be on the pricy side.

Personalized Beer Mugs

Some boyfriends simply love drinking beer, so getting them a good-quality mug will make all the difference for them. Try to remember some details about the amount they drink, the type of beer, etc., so you can start looking for the perfect mug. 

It may sound silly, but he will be more than thrilled to drink from this mug. To make this gift more fun, you can personalize it with fun titles like “the master of beer mugs” or “only the best boyfriend drinks from this mug” – it’s up to you!

Sign Him Up for his Hobby

Does your boyfriend feel passionate about a sport, culinary lesson, or maybe learning a new language? If yes, then this is your chance to sign him up for that lesson he always wanted but somehow postponed. 

Keeping in touch with our passion is vital, and it lets the creative juices flow. It will improve your relationship as he will be richer in experience (even if he sucks at the beginning). In any case, it will be a great way of showing him that you respect his skills, passion, and hobbies to the point where you want to see him excel. But more importantly, it shows that you support him no matter what.

15: Get Tickets for Your Favorite Concert

In a pool of National BF Day gifts, one of the best ones might be two tickets for a concert both of you love. This is especially a great gift idea if your boyfriend is a musician or loves going to concerts. This way, both of you will have a great time together, and you will remember that concert forever.

Alternatively, you can purchase the ticket for him and his pals if there is a band that is not up to your liking. Giving him a chance to hang out with his friends, doing something that he loves is a great way to show your love and support.

National BF Day Gift Ideas: Final Say

The ideas for gifts for National Boyfriend Day are really endless if you open your mind and try to focus to find something meaningful and sentimental for your boyfriend. In our list here, we have the most common and thoughtful gifts, but you can always choose something else that you’ll know your boyfriend would love more.

Now all that is left is for you to pick a gift and surprise your boyfriend on the next National BF Day!

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