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25 Unique Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

When your favorite coworker of a family member retires, finding the perfect farewell gift is important. But picking a gift, especially if it is for a man who has everything can be quite hard. You want something that will commemorate their retirement and relay your appreciation properly. 

To help you out, we've prepared a full guide with 25 wonderful retirement gift ideas for men that will celebrate their retirement. 

1: 3D Photo Portrait Crystal

This gift is for a colleague that became a family. In fact, finding gifts for the ones that are closest to us, often is the most difficult because you have to find a way to impress them. However, you can never go wrong with a sentimental crystal piece where you can engrave a photo of you two. Also, the design of these crystals sends a message that the moment you picked is forever saved in an expensive crystal gem.

2: Grill Personalized Set

If you know that your colleague loves grilling and prepping for it, use that opportunity and get them a personalized grill set with the date you started working and the date they retired. Sentimental yet practical, highly recommended.

3: The Classics Set

You can never go wrong with a book, or even better with an entire set. Since we’re speaking about retirement when they’ll have all the time in the world, a good old classic literature set is the perfect gift. Any book lover will appreciate the special selection and will surely spend their retirement days peacefully reading away. 

4: 3D Crystal Keychain

Another great retirement gift idea for men is the 3D crystal keychain. It is small, sentimental, and impactful. You can personalize it with a photo of you two, but since we’re speaking about a retirement gift male, you can opt to engrave the date you started working together or their initials. Or choose a calendar picture with a circle on the day you started working together. The choices for customization are endless.

5: A Set of Beer Mugs

Since your colleague will be free of work in the future, they deserve a real after-work set of high-quality beer mugs. Your colleague will find this gift practical even if they already own beer mugs because you know what they say – Women can never have enough shoes, and men can never have enough beer (mugs).

6: Fishing Set 

Many men turn to fishing after they retire. They have all the time in the world to enjoy a day by the lake, waiting to catch a fish. Therefore, get them a nice fishing set or if they already have a set, you can get them a tackle box with the current and most popular lures that will help them sharpen their skills.

7: Golf Club Membership

This one is a rather specific gift and recommended only for those passionate about the sport. It’s common for older men to turn to either fishing or golf. Therefore, find if there is a golf club nearby and enlist your friend there.

8: Crystal Wine Bottle Stopper

If you and your colleague used to drink a glass of wine after work, and you want to ensure they don’t forget that little ritual, all you need is a personalized crystal wine bottle stopper. You can engrave a photo of you two enjoying a glass of wine, so your colleague will always remember the fun times. It’s a very classy and everlasting gift that’s a perfect retirement gift. 

9: Stress Ball

Even after the tedious stress from work is officially gone, some retired people are still under stress even months after retirement. Therefore, for such moments, the best thing to have around is a stress ball. It is a fun gift, and your colleague will find it practical.

10: Journal Notebook

After retirement, many people feel lonely, including the ones that couldn’t wait to retire. However, a journal where they can write the positive affirmations and things they did in a day, will not leave room for loneliness to kick in. It will set their mind on the right track, and your colleague will have one more thing to keep themselves busy with.

11: Personalized Bottle of Brandy

Most men love brandy. But, since getting a bottle is too simple as a gift, you can personalize the bottle with a sticker and make it more sentimental and thoughtful. Therefore, pick their favorite brand, and think of a nice message. They can keep it on a shelve and open it for special occasions. 

12: Cool Apron

If your colleague loves cooking or throwing dinner parties, then you can get a personalized apron with a cool message that will put a smile on their face. 

13: Poker Set

This gift is for colleagues that loved to play, but never had enough time for the game because of work. Since they have all the time in the world, you can never go wrong with two packs of cards and other poker essentials. They will absolutely love it.

14: Chess Board 

Retirement is all about spending time doing the things you always wanted but never had the time. Therefore, if you know that your colleague loves chess, or if you caught them playing on the computer at work, then take the opportunity and get them a proper board they can play with friends and family.

15: Rubik Cube

To solve a Rubik's Cube you need patience, focus, and a lot of time. After retirement, everything your colleague has is a lot of time which makes this retirement idea a perfect match. It’s also great for keeping their brain fresh and focused.  

16: Gardening Tools

One of our favorite retirement gift ideas for men is gardening tools because they are practical and will keep your co-worker busy. This is a nice idea even for men that do not have much gardening experience. It’s never too late to start gardening.

17: Vinyl Records

If your colleague appreciates the sound of vinyl records, or belongs to that generation, then getting a vinyl record is a thoughtful idea as a retirement gift. Make sure they have a gramophone and buy them a record player from their favorite musician. 

18: A Guitar

Getting your colleague the guitar they always wanted, but somehow never bought is one of the best retirement gifts for men. It also shows that it is never too late to start something new, and they will have a new hobby to keep them occupied.

19: Customized Retired Teddy Bear

If you want a gift that will put a smile on your co-worker's face, then get a teddy bear with a printed t-shirt that says something goofy like “ I’m as retired as it gets”. Plus, if you and your colleague had nicknames or inside jokes, you can use that on the t-shirt as well. That way it will be even more personal, and it will always make them smile and remember you.

20: Personalized Pen

Personalized pens are common retirement gifts for men. To make it special, add a message that will commemorate their retirement. This is a very thoughtful and long-lasting gift, so every time they need to write something with it, they will think of you.

21: Smart Watch

If you want an expensive gift that your colleague will find practical in their retirement years, then you cannot go wrong with the smartwatch. It collects data on their health, syncs with other devices, and much more. Watches have always been a great retirement gift, but you can up the ante with a smartwatch.  

22: Coffee Machine

This gift idea is on the pricy side, but it is one of the best retirement gifts for men. Everyone loves freshly brewed coffee, or a powerful shot of espresso, particularly in their senior years. Therefore we highly recommend considering this gift idea. You can even get them a high-quality coffee you can find at coffee shops to complete the present for your co-worker.

23: Personalized Mug

Another in the line of common retirement gift ideas for men, but one that always works. You can personalize the mug with a funny quote or picture from the two of you. If you don’t know the person outside of work, you can always put the date of retirement and a more general message. Either way, you can’t go wrong. After all, who doesn’t want a personalized mug?

24: A Decanter

If your colleague loves hard liquor, getting them a classy decanter is a very thoughtful gift. You can also engrave it with a message or the date of retirement. They will find a great use for it for sure, and will always think of you when using it. 

25: Kindle

Since your colleague will spend too much at home, one of the better ideas for retirement gift male co-workers would love is the Kindle. This gift is highly recommended for all those colleagues who are tech-savvy, and would simply enjoy reading e-books instead of physical books. 

Retirement Gifts for Men: Final Say

To conclude this article, the only guidance for finding the ultimate farewell gift for your colleague is one that has a personal touch to it. All gift ideas in this article contain something personal, be it a saying, a nickname you used to have, a small thing they enjoy doing, or their favorite drink. Whichever you choose, you won’t make a mistake.

We hope you found this article helpful and that the ideas gave you an idea for the perfect retirement gift.

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