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The Magic and Mystic of the Crystal

There are various beliefs about the mystic and power of the crystal. Crystals have been used over centuries for various uses such as for healing, protection, and decoration. They are believed to have healing power

They can also help you restore, strengthen, and maintain your belief. Because of the various attributes brought about by crystals, they are now being used widely.

Here are some of the beliefs about crystals:

Crystals according to Feng Shui

Crystals are used in Feng Shui to great good and positive energy in one’s home. Crystals bring vibrations into a home or office, depending on the type of crystal used.

For example, a rose quartz crystal is used to attract love and romance, heal a broken heart, and exude happy and positive energy in a love relationship. It’s best to put a rose quartz crystal in the bedroom and in the southwest Feng Shui area in your home.

Hematite helps one center and ground one’s energy, protect the home or office. It can be placed in your child’s room especially if he/she has trouble concentrating, or on the west Feng Shui area in your home. It is also placed in the front door for protection.

Obsidian and black tourmaline is used to protect one’s home. They can be placed by the front door. Citrine is used to create healing, absorb negative energy, and to also attract wealth. Blue Kyanite is used to also create healing and absorb negative energy, for protection, for stress relief, and for relaxation.

The effect of these crystals will only work if they are in the right position or place in your home or office according to Feng Shui.

Crystals and their roles in Buddhism

Crystals have been a part of Buddhist tradition through belief, use, and ritual. Crystals are mentioned in Buddhist manuscripts, mantras, and texts. Each gem or crystal has various meanings and purposes in Buddhism.

Diamond is believed to be used in helping one cut through illusion and also for grounding. Rubies were used by the Chinese to pay tribute to Buddha. Tibetans also believed that rubies could actually help solve problems that are related to sperm production. Sapphire promotes tranquility, serenity, happiness, devotion, and spiritual enlightenment. Turquoise is believed to have a protective and spiritual property that it has been used in the sacred valley of Shambhala and in Shamanic ceremonies.

People in China and Tibet have also worn turquoise as a protective amulet. It has also been a sign of wealth. Jade was considered sacred to Buddha and to the Goddess Kwan Yin. It demonstrates the five cardinal virtues of justice, chastity, wisdom, modesty, and courage. Lapis Lazuli is known as one of the eight sacred symbols of good luck. Rose quartz was used by the Chinese in carving the Goddess of Peace because of its color that was thought to reflect her wisdom and gentleness.

Amethyst was used by Tibetan monks to create rosaries, malas, and prayer beads because it was thought to be sacred stone to Buddha. Quartz was used to recognize the origin of a disease. Carnelian was used to promote good cheer and banish sorrow because it was a symbol of peace and joy. Green Aventurine was thought to bring visionary powers that’s why it has been used in the eyes of Tibetan statues. Tibetan Quartz is used for meditating and for connecting with the unknown. Banded Agate was used to preventing demonic possession. Azurite heals kidney diseases and irritated ligaments and tendons.

Crystals and Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a discipline that has something to do with the mythical aspect of Rabbinic Judaism. It reveals how life and the universe work. Crystals have also different meanings in Kabbalah. The use of crystals can be evidently found in the writings of Judaism which shows that they have been used throughout history.

Sandstone increases will and sexual attraction to the person wearing it. It also strengthens intellect. Sugilite luvulite activates the third eye and connects the body and mind. It helps one communicate with the spirits and connect upper wisdom. It eases physical discomfort. Sodalite is used to relieve throat infections and allergies. It also strengthens the thyroid and balances the metabolism of the body. It reinforces self-confidence and helps overcome self-pity, remorse, guilt, and fear.

Stilbite treats the loss of the sense of taste. It helps balance the body’s intelligence, emotion, and energies. It encourages progress in reaching one’s goal, decisiveness, and also enhances intuition. Citrine increases wealth and keeps it. It also helps eliminate toxins from the body and stimulates the liver, kidney, and muscles. Celestite helps one relax and achieve mental purity. It allows the brain to enter a state of awareness not influenced by ideas or thoughts.

The effect of THE 3D GIFT in your home

Besides the virtues of the crystal presented above, a personalized 3D crystal has a major effect in your home. It portrays a beautiful memory you specifically chose to savor.

Think about it, a photo that captured that one perfect moment is now standing on your fireplace as a magnificent THE 3D GIFT, for you to adore always. After all, nostalgia brings joy to the human soul, it's a well-known fact 😊.


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