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5 Unique Mother's Day Crystal Gifts Ideas Your Mom Will Love

With Mother’s Day approaching fast, we are all in a frenzy searching for the ideal gift. But buying the same types of gifts like flowers, chocolate, or jewelry is very repetitive and not at all creative. If you are searching for something unique and unexpected, crystals are a fantastic choice to keep in mind.

In recent years crystals have gained a lot of popularity as a perfect gift. However, for Mother’s Day, you wouldn’t want to buy a crystal necklace or a bracelet - no, something more special is required. In this article, you will find some of the most unique crystal gifts that your mother will love.

1. Crystal suncatcher

Crystal suncatchers are one of the most unique crystal gifts. Made out of crystals usually strung on transparent wire or chains, they are designed to reflect the light from the sun creating colorful patterns all around the space where they are placed. A crystal suncatcher is an ideal wall decor piece that can liven up the space with its visual display of rainbow colors.

They are usually placed near windows or in gardens - basically, any place that has a lot of sun exposure. Depending on the selection of crystals used for the piece, they can give out different types of energy. Some even believe they can have spiritual healing powers.

If your mom loves to garden or spend time outdoors in the sun, this gift is ideal for her. To make this gift a little more personalized, try to choose a suncatcher created with the crystals you know your mom will surely love.

2. 3D Crystal Engraved Picture

A 3D engraved crystal picture has to be one of the most personalized crystal gifts and a great chance to capture a beautiful memory. If you have decided to give your mom an engraved picture, ensure that the quality of the image you want to engrave is high.

This beautiful 3D engraving does not necessarily have to be an image. You can also engrave a thoughtful message or one of your special quotes. The engraved crystal can also be crafted in many different shapes and sizes. Go further and mount the engraved crystal on a pedestal with a light on the bottom. When turned on, it lights up the entire picture.

If you know of a special memory your mom holds dear to her heart, don't waste any more time.  Make a 3D crystal engraving that will surely bring your mother tears of joy. This is the perfect crystal gift for those who are not so spiritually connected. 

3. Crystal Air Plant

These easy-to-care-for air plants, placed in different types of crystals, are truly one of the best crystal gifts for plant lovers. They are also great for those who enjoy having a beautiful and fabulous decorative piece in their home. The plants that inhabit a crystal do not need soil to survive; instead, they absorb all the nutrients through their leaves.

Usually, these plants are placed in an amethyst crystal that promotes spiritual growth and positivity, and are also known for the stress and anxiety relieving properties. This beautiful purple crystal is often chosen for its rich color.

Other crystals used for air plants are clear quartz (which promotes clarity), rose quartz (associated with love), and black tourmaline (used for spiritual protection). To make this gift unique for your mother, think of the message you want to send her and choose the crystal accordingly.

4. Zodiac Crystal Gift Box

If your mother is a big fan of astrology and you find her often reading horoscopes, then you can’t go wrong with this gift.  A zodiac crystal box is a special set of crystals associated with a particular zodiac sign to strengthen the sign’s qualities.

Each zodiac sign is associated with certain crystals contained in the box. Some of these boxes also contain information on the crystals' properties, guides on how to use them, and facts about the zodiac sign. More expensive boxes also come with candles or essential oils.

In order to choose the right zodiac crystal box, all you need to do is know your mother’s birthday! This meaningful and personalized gift represents the perfect opportunity to show your mother how much you love and know her.

5. Crystal Candles

If your mom loves using scented candles, then look no further because this is the perfect crystal gift for her. What makes them special are the crystals, usually placed on the candle, that serve as a decorative feature. Some candles hide the crystals within as a delightful surprise you will receive after the wax melts.

To make these crystal candles even more exquisite, they are scented with essential oils, botanical oils, and dried flowers that only enhance the beautiful smell. Some of the most frequently used candle crystals are rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine, and selenite. The belief is that these crystals have calming and soothing properties.

To choose the right crystal candle, look for one that has your mother's favorite smell. If possible, choose the candle that also has your mother's birthstone. That way, she will enjoy the candle, and the gift will have a more personal meaning.

Unique Crystal Gifts Ideas For Mother’s Day: Final Words

Mothers are important figures in our lives who deserve a unique gift that shows our gratitude for everything they do. To surprise your mother on Mother's Day, choose one of these exquisite crystal gift ideas that will definitely have the desired result. Knowing your mother's style is the most important thing to remember before choosing any crystal gift.

When creating a more personalized gift, keep in mind what kind of message you want to send. You know that different crystals have different properties and meanings, so choose accordingly. If you are still debating on what gift to get, look over our recommendations once more and think about what your mother will love to have. You will certainly find one of the above suggestions will make the perfect personalized Mother's Day gift.

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