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  • Totally blown away!

Just received my purchase today and am totally blown away! I purchased the landscape for my mother of a photo taken of her and my dad back in the 1960's dressed up in turn-of-the century (1900's) clothing along with a 1915 Model T Ford. The detail is stunning! I don't think I've ever been more excited for something in my life! The 3D effect is amazing depending on the position of it. I just know my mom is going to LOVE it! I HIGHLY recommend this company to everyone!

Angela Morgan
  • Totally awesome gift.

Totally awesome gifts for anyone anything definitely you want to check them all out because they have all different shapes and sizes all the way from small to oversize they're totally awesome and you can even get a light to put under them what I like best is you can use them for the ones that you've lost because they're always captivated in this Crystal and it's definitely the best kind gift that you can always have with you

Marie & John
  • What a Lovely Gift!

I received a crystal clear gift of my deceased parents from my cousin. It was an etching of them sitting at Disney World. I was so touched by this gift that I ordered the light base for it to sit on. The light base kept blinking when I received it so they replaced it for me with not having to return the defective one. Great customer service. I also ordered a key chain of my mom and I and I love it to pieces.

Blaine Richwine
  • Hold onto your seats for a visual and visceral masterpiece

The ornaments I got were absolutely beautiful!! And so meaningful!! The only thing is that you need to make sure you crop the people out before hand separately that you are wanting on there to avoid accidentally getting all the people in the photo printed on there like I did.

Bob Hadley