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Memorial Heart


To understand the perfect size for your perfect 3D gift. Take into consideration the number of people in your photo, and how grand you want your gesture to be (Physically and emotionally). You can find the real-life dimensions below.


Give us the best photo you’ve got. A devoted designer will treat your memory like a work of art and professionally remove the background. You can keep the background, if you want, just let us know in the special instructions. This includes only 3D products.

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Monotype Corsiva
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Missing the loved ones in our lives is natural and unavoidable. When that loved one is no longer with us, though, their absence is even more difficult to bear. While nothing could ever replace their actual presence, sometimes little gestures help us feel better. A heart-shaped memorial 3D photo crystal with an engraved photo of your loved one is exactly that type of gesture. Its heart shape speaks volumes about what this person meant to you. Add to that your favorite photo of the two of you and your personal memorial message that we can laser-etch into the crystal, and you'll have a memory that you can keep with you always.

Who might enjoy this?

Everyone. The 3D gift is made with state-of-the-art crystals by an experienced designer that handles your moment with care, from start to finish, and personally hand-check to assure maximum quality.

The 3D gift fit for every occasion - Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Holiday Season, Graduation, and Memorial. This is the best present for your Spouse, Parents, Grandparents, Family, Father, Mother, And even for Couples, Friends, Loved Ones, and Pet Owners

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