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3D crystal gifts are a unique and personalized way to commemorate special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

These gifts are created by using laser technology to engrave a 3D image or text onto a crystal, creating a stunning and long-lasting keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

    • Memorial Portrait - The best 3D crystal gifts in the world! Sale
    • $84.00 $99.00
      Even with today's technology, it's not possible to capture every single moment in a person's life. There are, however, ways to capture and preserve those uniquely special moments. The portrait memorial 3D photo crystal is designed to do exactly that. Made of the highest quality craftsmanship, this special crystal will look beautiful anywhere in your home or office. With your...
    • 2D Photo Crystal Keychain - Heart - The best 3D crystal gifts in the world! Sale
    • $24.50 $49.00
      If you own a house, a car, a PO box, a storage box, or anything else that requires a key, chances are you have a keychain, and while there are all sorts of ways to make a keychain special and personal, none are quite as nice as a 2D crystal keychain, which not only personalizes your keychain but makes it...
    • 2D Photo Crystal Necklace - Oval - The best 3D crystal gifts in the world! Sale
    • $24.50 $49.00
      Special people deserve special gifts and there are few items more special than a 2D personalized, crystal oval necklace. The necklace can be customized with an engraved image and a laser-etched inscription and presented to that special person in your life. Whether you give it to a friend, a parent, a child, or a sibling, the 2D crystal necklace will...
    • 2D Photo Crystal Keychain - Rectangle - The best 3D crystal gifts in the world! Sale
    • $24.50 $49.00
      One of the best ways to make a gift truly unique and special is to personalize. And The 3D Gift personalized keychain is just such a gift. Practical, long-lasting, and beautiful, this special keychain can be customized with a cherished photo. Excellent as a stocking stuffer, housewarming gift, and any-time-at-all gift. Who might enjoy this? Everyone. The 3D gift is made...
    • 2D Photo Crystal Keychain - Octagon - The best 3D crystal gifts in the world! Sale
    • $24.50 $49.00
      Personalized gifts always make the best gifts, and when they are beautiful and practical as well, then you've got the ideal gift too. The 3D Gift's crystal keychain is exactly that ideal gift. You can customize it with your special photo and other special design preferences. For example, while we usually remove a photo's background from the crystal design, if a...