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15 Easter Gift Ideas for Your Family to Amp Up the Holiday Spirit

Spring has sprung, and Easter is right around the corner! For the kids in your life, you’ve probably been checking out the Peeps and Cadbury Eggs in the grocery aisles. 

For the big kids, you are probably wondering what special gifts you can get them for Easter. Maybe you want to get a special memento for the grandparents in your life. A delicate piece of jewelry may be exactly what your partner needs to know that you appreciate all the hard work and effort they put into making this day extra delightful for your entire family. 

Let’s take a look at 15 creative Easter gifts for all the special people in your life!

1. 3D Crystal Portrait

Choosing a gift that someone will enjoy for years and years to come is never easy, but this is just one of those gifts. You can have a portrait of the grandchildren added to a 3D crystal and even have it engraved as a timeless gift for grandparents or a special family friend. 

In addition, a picture of you and your partner together can let them know how much your relationship means to you. Elegant and sentimental, it is sure to be proudly displayed for everyone to enjoy.

2. Toy Building Set for Bunny Figurine

When it comes to toy building options, there’s something for everyone - even adults! For children, they can express their creativity and work on their fine motor skills in the process. 

Plus, there’s no need to limit yourself to bunnies - the possibilities are endless. Toy building sets are educational and fun for kids from 1-99!

3. Spring-inspired Cosmetic Products

The options for naturally based skincare products are varied and many. Do you want lip gloss with carrot oil? Looking for a shampoo infused with honey? Perhaps a rose scented soap is on your list? You’re sure to find these options and much more. 

Natural cosmetics are an excellent gift for anyone - from babies to grandparents. We could all use a bit more pampering in our lives. Plus, these gifts are practical in nature as everyone needs them and they’re sure to be used.         

4. Bunny Tea Towels

Many people love to host buffets and potlucks for Easter to gather their friends and family. If you are in need of a hostess gift, consider some Easter-inspired tea towels. 

You could choose from a bunny motif, or perhaps their style is more in line with elegant florals. Carrots or eggs may be another option for them to display in a powder room or kitchen. These are sure to get your host excited about their next Easter gathering. 

Guests are sure to ask, ‘where did you get these fabulous towels?’ If you are the one preparing the entertainment, perhaps you want to indulge in something unique for yourself. 

5. Wine Charms

Everyone puts their drink down from time to time during a party. But, with all the people around, it can get a bit tricky finding your glass among the bunch.  

A great host gift is wine charms, so you never share drinks (and germs) with your fellow party-goers again. And how cute will your mimosa glass be with a little chick or egg on the side? 

Think of the host for your Easter gathering - you won’t want to be left out in the cold without an appropriate gift!

6. 2D Photo Crystal Necklace

The days of your children’s youth are fleeting. They grow up far too quickly and it can sometimes seem difficult to remember the adorable, sweet little cheeks and precious smiles of their youth. 

Have their childhood immortalized in a crystal necklace that can be worn year-round or taken out for special occasions. This is the perfect gift for the nostalgic family member. It’s also exquisite and beautiful for a beloved partner. 

7. Hard-boiled Egg Maker

Almost everyone makes hard boiled eggs by the dozen, but they don’t have to boil them on the stove anymore. There are devices available that make cooking eggs as easy as plugging in a little machine. 

This gift can be used during Easter and all year long since many enjoy hard-boiled eggs on a regular basis. It’s a quick and easy way to make perfect eggs every time. 

8. Character Electric Toothbrush

After your kids have located the hidden Easter candy and consumed all of it, you’ll want to be sure they are brushing their teeth well. All of your childrens’ favorite characters can be found on an electric toothbrush to help build the excitement of the activity. A toothbrush is an excellent gift for every child at Easter! 

9. Collectible Books

Classic books such as the Velveteen Rabbit and Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit are timeless children’s books which belong in every household. These are the types of books that your children will read, enjoy, and keep for their future children. So, they’re worth the extra investment to add them to your collection.

10. Potted Flower

Consider a rose, hydrangea, lilac, or another annual flower to bloom in your loved one’s yard for years to come. Other options may be an Easter Lily, Easter cactus, hyacinth, crocus or tulips. It will stand as a continued reminder of your thoughtful gift.

11. Fruit Basket or Gourmet Food Basket

Replace the traditional sugary gifts with something beautiful, colorful, and healthy!  Choose from cheese and meat collections or other gourmet selections. You could even add some seasonal or exotic fruits. It is Easter after all, so why not indulge in something special and different from the everyday?

12. Monogrammed Power Bank

For the teen in your life, consider a monogrammed power bank. You can choose their favorite color and have their name monogrammed on it so they don’t mix it up with their friends’ power banks. 

They’ll be reminded of your affection and, as an added bonus - you know they’ll always have a full battery. No more worries about their phone dying when you are desperate to reach them (or they need to reach you!).

13. Easter-themed Bandanas for Your Dog or Cat

Do you want to mark the holiday with your four-legged friend but consider bunny ears to be a bit much? An Easter costume is not your style? No problem. 

There are many options for a stylish bandana that will have your dog or cat feeling the envy of the neighborhood. After all, they are a member of the family as well, so why not make them feel special on this day?

14. Easter Socks 

Everyone needs socks. They disappear in the laundry, end up with holes in the toes, and kids outgrow them. 

Add some fun and whimsy to the event with egg-adorned socks. Carrots, flowers, bunnies, ducks, or lambs - there is a sock style for everyone in your life. Plus, you can wear them year-round - wouldn’t it be so much better if every day felt a bit more like spring?

15. Easter-themed Dishware

You have your Easter brunch table all set. Candles lit, beautifully folded napkins that you only bring out for special occasions, your best silverware… But what’s the point of all this if you don’t place a centerpiece like a sophisticated plate with a stylish bunny painting on your table?

There are plenty of choices for you to choose from. Spring flowers, honey bees, carrots, Peter Rabbit, eggs, chicks and lambs - the combinations are endless. 

Final Note

Easter is a holiday during which we all make an extra effort to spend time with the precious people in our lives and share the love we share for each other. 

Yes, you could take the easy way out and just give everyone chocolates. But don’t they deserve you going the extra mile? Children of all ages will get a thrill out of a few thoughtful gifts. Parents and grandparents will be touched by a sentimental present to delight them every day of the year. Even your furry friends will appreciate a little treat like an animal-friendly cake or a themed bandana or collar!

Celebrate spring, renewal, and new beginnings with each important person in your life. You are sure to make it a day to look back on!

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