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What Do Mothers Really Want for Mother's Day?

As Mother's Day is fast approaching, you may be searching for a gift idea that can truly express your appreciation for your mother. While traditional gifts such as flowers, gift cards, purses, or salon treatments are lovely, you might want to consider a more personalized and thoughtful option. We don’t doubt that many mothers would be thrilled to receive any of the above, as they are all fantastic gifts. But what do moms genuinely want?

We have done some research and may have the answers for you. Keep reading to find out how to surprise your mother on this very special day.

Day off from cleaning chores

While every mother is different and may have varying preferences, it's safe to say that many mothers would appreciate a break from their daily responsibilities on Mother's Day. This could include a day off from cleaning chores, cooking, and other household tasks that they typically manage. A mom from Michigan says she wants a day with no tasks, and preferably if the kids would do some chores, such as making breakfast, cleaning up after themselves and not making a huge mess, as they do every day.

Some ME time

In many cases, mothers act as the family's unifying force. They work tirelessly to take care of their children, partner, and household, often sacrificing their own needs and desires in the process. While spending time with family is important, it's also essential for mothers to take some time for themselves to recharge and replenish their energy.

Many moms have agreed with this: “I wish for my family to disperse after a leisurely breakfast so that I can have some alone time. I would also want to have my house professionally and thoroughly cleaned and given a massage.”

By taking some time for themselves, mothers can improve their mental and physical health, increase their energy, and improve their overall well-being.

Spending Quality Time

What’s a better and more expensive gift for your mom than spending quality time together? This could involve planning a special activity or an outing together, such as a hike or a trip to a museum or park. Alternatively, it could involve spending time together as a family, whether having a home-cooked meal, playing games, or watching movies. The key is prioritizing quality time and creating an environment that fosters connection, relaxation, and enjoyment.

A Meaningful Handcrafted Gift

Nothing is more meaningful for a mother than a handcrafted gift from the children. Handcrafted gifts can show that their children have put time and thought into making something special for them. It doesn’t matter if you’re not crafty; gifting a handcrafted gift is a heartfelt and sentimental gesture many mothers treasure.

Unique 3D Crystal Gift

On the other hand, a unique Mother's day crystal gift filled with memories can be a beautiful and meaningful gift. Instead of choosing a typical crystal vase or figurine, look for a unique 3D crystal gift that stands out. This could be a crystal necklace, nightlight, or even a wine stopper. You can engrave a special message, your mom’s name, or a picture from your favorite memory to make it even more personal and meaningful.

Money-splurge Day

Everyone deserves a little spending cash from time to time, whether to treat themselves to a night out with friends or buy something they've had their eye on for a while. However, with bills, rent, and other expenses constantly piling up, there's often no room in the budget for a little indulgence. Treat your mother with some spending cash, so she can treat herself without worrying about the impact on your budget.

Weekend Getaway

If you're considering treating your mother to a weekend getaway, it's important to also consider her values and interests. For example, if your mother enjoys outdoor activities, you could plan a camping or hiking trip. Alternatively, if your mother prefers a more relaxing experience, you could plan a spa weekend or beach vacation.

Proper Rest

The perfect present, according to most moms, is the gift of peace, quiet, and the quality time necessary to take a nap. It is true that many moms, especially those with young children, often appreciate a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Moms with young children often have a lot of responsibilities and can feel overwhelmed with the demands of daily life.

Taking care of children, managing a household, and potentially working outside the home can all take a toll on their physical and emotional well-being. For many women, a reprieve from the stress of daily life—even if it's just for a little nap—can be a priceless gift. It enables them to refuel so they can return revitalized and prepared to take on the day's difficulties


Every mother is unique, and the best way to show your love and appreciation for her on Mother's Day is by taking the time to understand what she likes and what would make her happy. This could be as simple as spending quality time with her doing something she enjoys, cooking her favorite meal, or giving her a thoughtful gift that shows you know her well.

It's also important to remember that Mother's Day is not just about giving gifts or planning activities - it's about celebrating and honoring the mother figure in your life. This can be done through words of gratitude, acts of kindness, and simply being present and attentive to her needs and wants. Let her know how much she means to you and how grateful you are for all she has done and continues to do.



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